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Our company is in the process of establishing a global distribution and reseller network. We are actively looking for resellers and distributors in almost all countries. If you are interested in becoming our distrubutor, please contact us below.

We understand that once a distributor has decided to sell our products, this is only half of the transaction, as end users will still require certain level of support. We understand the importance of after sale support and will do our best to meet the end user expectations. By offering our products to distributors over and above the supply of products we are able to build long lasting relationships. This allows us to mutually understand each others business and each experience significant benefits otherwise impossible with a simple supplier-customer relationship

Organizations reselling our products must have sales staff familiar with our equipment and solutions operating principles and also provide a certain level of technical expertise. In order to qualify for the reseller discount and our referral program, the products must be for resale and registered with the enduser's information.

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